Pawsitively Facility


Our Off-Leash Dog Park Facility

Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free is located just southeast of Calgary at the intersection of Hwy 22X and Rge Rd 282. Its picturesque surroundings and many convenient features make it a favorite for both people and pups.

200 x 50-foot swimming hole

The signature feature, offering dogs the perfect opportunity to cool off. Smaller doggie pools are available for those who enjoy staying closer to shore.

Place for people to relax

Picnic tables, benches, and fire pits allow pet owners to take a load off, or enjoy a snack.

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Toys to keep them entertained

Our doggie playground offers ramps, hay bales, tires, jumps, and doggie pools in order to elevate the pooch play experience.

Perfect for dog trainers & photographers

Our wide-open environment and scenic view make it the perfect location for dog trainers and photographers to operate.

Grassy landscape

Great for a run, while Bobcat-cleared snow paths allow the exercise to continue during winter months.

High safety fence

A six-foot fence surrounds the perimeter, ensuring your pup doesn’t run away.

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Conveniences for humans

Washrooms and garbage bins add a level of convenience.

Exercise for people and pets

A nice walk is good for the body, mind, and soul.

Wind-driven pond aeration

We installed a windmill for aeration to reduce algae and weeds.

Ponder water treatment

Our water is treated with Ponder to keep our dog visitors safe.

Wind-Driven Pond Aeration Windmill

Check Out The Parks

We now offer a paw-ference of 4 parks! See for yourself!

Please note: music will start when you hit the play button.

Hassle-Free Access

No crowds, no tickets, just a code to open the gate to the great outdoors.

Reward your dog’s friendship to run Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free!


My dog experiences anxiety when interacting with other dogs so this was a wonderful, stress-free escape for not only for my dog but for me as well.  What a beautiful, private setting in the countryside to run wild and free!

~Danielle Jones

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At Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free, we believe in the power of the great outdoors. We love watching dogs and families having fun, which is why we decided to share our slice of heaven with dog owners like you.

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