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When you make a reservation at Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free, you're doing just that: reserving the park to be enjoyed by your dogs and yourself. Enjoying our dog park is both affordable and easy for dog owners, dog walkers, dog photographers, dog daycare, and dog trainers.

We've Pawsitively Grown!!

We now offer a paw-ference of 4 parks!
Click on a and then to view each park.
Please note: music will start when you hit the play button.
New Park Expansion Map of Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free
Park 1

Park 2

Park 3

Park 4

Park Features Park 1 Park 2 Park 3 Park 4
Mature trees, bushes, and tall grassy landscape for dogs to explore
6-foot high safety fence to keep your pup safe & secure
Doggie toys to keep them entertained
Picnic tables for people to relax and enjoy country setting
Washrooms and garbage bins available for convenience
Huge straw bales for climbing and jumping
Doggie poop bags available for use should you forget yours
Benches with a firepit for people to relax
Signature 200 x 50-foot swimming hole for your dog to cool off
Wind-driven pond aeration & Ponder water treatment to reduce algae and weeds and keep dogs safe
Large photoframe to capture your wild and free experience
Walk way bridges over canals
BBQ for Rent (Available at Booking Checkout)


Our rental fees are fair and reasonable, allowing you and your dog to enjoy a great outing without breaking the bank.

New park expansion special! We're under continuous improvement, so more to come. Please bear with us!

Attention owners with reactive dogs: there is a 15-foot spacing between Parks 2, 3 and 4. Privacy screening is under consideration for future improvements.

Park 1 Park 2 Park 3 Park 4
30-Minute Time Slots
1 to 2 dogs $12 + GST $11 + GST $11 + GST $11 + GST
3 to 4 dogs $22 + GST $21 + GST $21 + GST $21 + GST
5 to 6 dogs $32 + GST $31 + GST $31 + GST $31 + GST
7 to 9 dogs $72 + GST $71 + GST $71 + GST $71 + GST
10 or more dogs $97 + GST $96 + GST $96 + GST $96 + GST
1-Hour Time Slots
1 to 2 dogs $17 + GST $16 + GST $16 + GST $16 + GST
3 to 4 dogs $27 + GST $26 + GST $26 + GST $26 + GST
5 to 6 dogs $37 + GST $36 + GST $36 + GST $36 + GST
7 to 9 dogs $77 + GST $76 + GST $76 + GST $76 + GST
10 or more dogs $102 + GST $101 + GST $101 + GST $101 + GST
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Your paw-fect gift for any occasion!

We value repeat customers, so we offer a 10-Visit Pass.
Purchase your 10-Visit Pass to save $10.

Gift Certificates also available for that special occasion!

We welcome professional dog walkers and trainers who may need longer booking lengths, as well as those who wish to book half and full day rentals. Please contact us directly for details.

Dog Top Up Charge

Have more dogs for your booking than anticipated?
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** Don’t see your particular top up scenario here or have a 2 hour booking to top up? Simply email us at to top up!

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This is a private, off-leash dog park that requires pre-booking an appointment online.

Effective July 31st, we switched to a new scheduling system with new policies.

All bookings are non-refundable however you are welcome to reschedule at no cost with 12 or more hours' notice.

Bookings can only be rescheduled at the same park.

Accepted payment methods: Visa, Debit Visa, MasterCard.
Please read the Park Rules & Information prior to entering.

Riggs on Booking page | Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free
Renzo on Booking page | Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free
Rolo on Booking page | Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free

Hours of Operation

The Pawsitively Wild ‘N’ Free park is open daily year round, including holidays, and is available for booking for the following hours (varies seasonally):

* Please consider daylight when booking unless you prefer to run wild and free with limited light *

Monday - Sunday
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Our doggie paradise is located just south of Calgary at the SE corner of the intersection of Highway 22X and Range Rd 282. Simply follow the Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free Dog Park signage. 

Once you’ve completed your booking, you’ll be provided with the lock combo, which is used to open the gates to our secure, off-leash park. 

Above all, please have fun being Wild 'N' Free. We know your dog will! 

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At Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free, we believe in the power of the great outdoors. We love watching dogs and families having fun, which is why we decided to share our slice of heaven with dog owners like you.

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