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While humans love the restaurants and shops of the city, dogs desire nothing more than the opportunity to run wild and free. Public off-leash parks provide the opportunity for play, but are often busy, which can lead to conflict between dogs and in cases of anxiety (or other issues), many dogs aren’t able to socialize with other dogs. If this sounds like your pup, then Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free is the place for you.

We are the Marshall Family, and we’ve been proud landowners southeast of Calgary since 1993. With its open, natural setting just 5-8 minutes east of Stoney Trail, we find that our location truly offers the best of both worlds.

That’s why we decided to create Pawsitively Wild ‘N’ Free, where both pooches and people are welcome to share our incredible space just southeast of Calgary, near Indus. The park is private, safe, and beautiful. Basically, it’s heaven on earth for hounds!

Book a visit to experience Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free’s private, off-leash dog park!

Larry & Cheryl Marshall photo | Pawsitively WIld 'N' Free
Cheryl & Larry Marshall
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At Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free, we believe in the power of the great outdoors. We love watching dogs and families having fun, which is why we decided to share our slice of heaven with dog owners like you.

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