Wild 'N' Free
Off-Leash Dog Park

Treat your pup to a private experience!

Our private, off-leash park is the largest in the Calgary area, and is located near Indus, just Southeast of Calgary. Open year-round, our park provides a great escape for both dogs and their humans.

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Excited Dog ready to break free from Crowds & Hassles | Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free

Break Free from
Crowds & Hassles

Public dog parks are congested, and full of hassles and regulations. Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free allows you to break free!

Escape the city life and enjoy some alone time with your best friend at our picturesque, private facility. Enjoy the fresh air with just yourself, your dog, and your family in our laid back, safe, fenced environment.

Give your best friend the outing they want and deserve!

The Off-Leash Dog
Park with Extras

Our off-leash dog park is located in the beautiful Rocky Mountain Foothills with stunning views of the mountains and crops in the farming community, making it the perfect place to relax with your pooch. Although we’re located just minutes Southeast of Calgary, our property is a world away from the concrete jungle.

Dogs love our huge swimming hole, while humans appreciate all the other amenities that our park includes.

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Excited dog ready the off-leash Dog Park | Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free
Excited dog ready to run wild ‘n’ free in outdoors | Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free

Wild ‘N’ Free in the
Great Outdoors

Cities are cool, but for a dog, nothing beats the opportunity to run wild and free! At Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free, we’re all about giving you what you want, a space of your own. What you won’t get is crowded parks, and potential conflict with other dogs (and owners).

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At Pawsitively Wild 'N' Free, we believe in the power of the great outdoors. We love watching dogs and families having fun, which is why we decided to share our slice of heaven with dog owners like you.

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